Hi! I’m Lisa Fennessy.

Born and raised in Boston, MA, I’m a city girl at heart currently living in Atlanta since 2017. You will definitely catch me saying things like wicked bad, packie, suppah, bubblah and…ya’ll. I never thought I would adopt ya’ll….but ya’ll, it’s just so handy!


My family: Me, my husband Jason, Cole (7) and Quinn (5) in Atlanta 2018 


I am passionate about access to clean food, water, beauty, consumer goods and more. I want nontoxic to be the norm and this drives my passion daily. 

But it wasn’t always this way. After my son Quinn was born with eczema, the docs prescribed him a steroid cream that ended up discoloring his skin. We soon realized his symptoms were being treated but not the root cause. We played around with some holistic remedies but when we decided to strip dairy from his diet, his skin cleared up in two weeks and our world changed.


Quinn, Lisa and Cole Atlanta

Quinn, me and Cole - 2017 when we first moved to Atlanta. 


Around the same time, I was experiencing IBS. I got all the tests and the docs were calling it “microscopic colitis.” They were basically saying my intestines were inflamed. Again, identifying the symptom but not getting to the root. I eventually realized I needed more testing and when I saw a functional medicine practitioner, they diagnosed me with Celiac. That was the last day I intentionally ate gluten (I miss real pizza!)

Both of these experiences taught me that no one is going to come and hand us a solution. If we want health, we need to seek it out. If we want access to clean food, we need to support non-GMO, organic and biodynamic growing practices. If we want clean beauty and personal care, we need to dig deep and find out what that really means to us.


Scent testing at the Maya Chia studio in South Carolina, 2019

Scent testing at the Maya Chia studio in South Carolina, 2019 


And that’s where This Organic Girl comes in. With a BA in Journalism from Northeastern University, I explore the latest and greatest in clean beauty as well as THE WHY. This has been my full time job for the past three years and I LOVE IT. What I’ve learned is, women do not have to compromise if they want luxurious, effective skincare. Nor do we have to compromise for clean, affordable skincare or makeup either. There is something clean for everyone. We just need to know what to look for and how to shop.


Me in 2009 on the left and me in 2019 on the right

Me in 2009 on the left and me in 2019 on the right. 


Using clean skincare has made an incredible impact on my skin. I’ve seen remarkable changes with my overall complexion, skin health and radiance over the past 5 years. For more, check out my current evening routine and this list of what I am using nowI mean this photo of me today compared to 10 years ago says it all!!!

I help women find beautiful, organic swaps for conventional makeup and skincare. Through this, I hope to empower women to stand up and make a choice.

Right now, conventional, mainstream and big box brands formulate fast and cheap and with little to no regard for our health or the health of the planet. It’s what makes cash registers ring and its what lines pockets. BUT we can change that.

When we educate ourselves. When we stand up and make a choice about what we allow in our homes and on our bodies. When we create a demand for clean, organic and nontoxic….guess what; clean, organic and nontoxic becomes the new norm. 

It’s you and me girl. We’ve got this. 


As Seen In

#1 The Water Break

The Water Break with Cara Kneer via 11Alive, Atlanta, GA’s leading local news station. Speaking on the four things we can do to reduce our daily toxic load.

#2 True Roots

True Roots book cover

Quoted and referenced in True Roots by Ronnie Citron-Fink. Here is an excerpt:

Lisa contacted 10 “natural” hair color companies to ask for their ingredient lists. She identified PPD, coal tar and SLS or derivatives of these chemicals as toxic culprits in many of the organic hair dyes. (Read the full post here).

The one point that I really want to drive home here is when a hair dye is labeled “organic” or claims to be “natural” don’t be fooled into thinking you are getting a healthy alternative. Lisa said she was hard pressed to find a truly chemical-free dye that both covered will and looked good. She concluded that her two healthiest options were henna and Hairprint.

#3 Beauty Independent

This Organic Girl Is A One Stop Content Shop For Info On Clean Beauty, Packed Lunches, Grocery Runs And Unwieldily Gray Hairs

I love keeping it light and fun, but I’m honest, and I’m not afraid to ask the big questions, which I think people value.


Young Women Are Embracing Their Gray Hair Like Never Before And I, For One, Am Rooting For It!

Society taught me to cover up and keep up instead of embracing the aging process.


Gray Hair, Don’t Care: Two Green Beauty Founders on Their Journey To Ditching the Dye

Body shaming applies to hair, too, you know. I didn’t realize it at the time, but before I stopped dyeing my hair, I was consumed with thoughts about my roots to the point where it would affect my behavior.

#6 Voyage ATL

Meet Lisa Fennessy

I have two main messages. I want nontoxic living to be fun and engaging. I think a lot of people equate the word “healthy” with “boring”. Well, yeah it is boring if you think “healthy” equals an iceberg salad with no dressing and a side of 5am treadmill.

#7 Podcasts

Live Simply Podcast

Navigating Nontoxic Skincare with This Organic Girl. This episode was the most downloaded episode of the Live Simply Podcast for season 2.

Wheatgrass and Champagne

Clean Up Your Beauty And Skincare Regimen with This Organic Girl.

The Golden Hour

The Power of Going Gray with Lisa from This OrganicGirl.

Health Is Wealth

Go Organic With Your Personal Care Products.


Hanging out with Dr. Sarah founder of OSMIA

Hanging out with Dr. Sarah founder of OSMIA 

Around the web

Speaking Engagements + Events

  • How To Work With Influencers And Have Influencers Work For You – Southeastern Bath & Body Conference, Atlanta, 2020
  • ShiftCon Panelist, Atlanta 2019
  • Aging Beautifully with Dr. Sarah Villafranco + This Organic Girl at Aillea, Atlanta, 2019
  • Discussion Leader at The Influencer Summit for Natural Products Expo East, Baltimore 2018 + 2019
  • 5 Things You Can Do TODAY To Lessen Your Everyday Toxic Load and Optimize Production with WELL BUSINESSED, Atlanta, 2018
  • 5 Things You Can Do To Start Living Healthier NOW with Corrective Chiropractic, Atlanta, 2018

Ambassadorships + Testimonials

Girls night in with Beauty Heroes founder Jeannie Jarnot and Molly Hill of Maison Pur 2019

Girls night in with Beauty Heroes founder Jeannie Jarnot and Molly Hill of Maison Pur 2019  


Beauty Heroes Ambassador 2016 – Present

Lisa speaks in an authentic voice to the modern woman who wants to know the real deal. I appreciate her level of professionalism, attention to detail and diligence and really enjoy our working relationship and personal connection.

Jeannie Jarnot, Beauty Heroes Founder

True Botanicals 2016 – Present

This Organic Girl is one of our go-to authorities on all things non-toxic beauty and green living.

True Botanicals

Clean Beauty Box Ambassador 2018 – Present

I’ve been following Lisa’s clean living journey long before we began working together. She’s a wealth of knowledge, gets into the nitty gritty and always keeps it relatable. This Organic Girl is one of my top recommended resources for those interested in clean living – she covers it all from beauty, to food, to home. If Lisa recommends it, I trust it.

Claire Molyneaux, founder of Clean Beauty Box

The Detox Market Box Ambassador 2018 – Present

Boxwalla Box Ambassador 2017 – Present

Media Kit

For press and media kit inquiries email lisa@thisorganicgirl.com

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